Posted on June 3, 2014


Naperville, IL- New York City, NY– (May 30th, 2014) – General Employment Enterprises, Inc. (“JOB”), a 120 year old Company that provides staffing services in the United States, in its first 2 months since it has engaged Wellfleet Partners to provide ongoing management services, has announced the appointments of three professionals, all of whom have been referred to by Wellfleet: First, the Company announced on April 22, 2014 the formation of an Advisory Committee and named as its first member Harry Newton, a successful entrepreneur, Investor and financial blogger ( Mr. Newton is also a Senior Member of Wellfleet Partner’s Advisory Committee; Second, on May 9th, 2014 the company appointed Francis (Frank) Elenio as its Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Elenio is an experience financial and accounting executive for over 25 years and is a longtime friend and professional associate affiliated with Wellfleet and many of their portfolio companies; and Finally, on May 22nd, 2014, the Company announced that it had appointed Jack Zwick, Certified Public Accountant and Founder of Zwick and Banyai, PLLC to its Board of Directors as Chairman of the Audit Committee.  “We are very pleased to have referred the three aforementioned professionals, advisors and dear friends of Wellfleet to JOB, our first investment through Aracle. We have no doubt that each will serve the Company in great stead” stated Mark I. Lev, Chairman & CEO of Wellfleet Partners, Inc.

About General Employment Enterprises, Inc.

General Employment Enterprises, Inc. (“JOB”) is a 121 year old New York Stock Exchange listed public Company that provides staffing services in the United States. The company offers professional placement services, including placement of information technology, engineering, and accounting professionals on either a regular placement basis or a temporary contract basis. It also provides weekly temporary staffing for light industrial clients. The company markets its services under the General Employment Enterprises, Omni One, Business Management Personnel, Ashley Ellis, Triad Personnel Services, Triad Staffing, Generation Technologies, BMCH, and BMCHPA trade names. General Employment Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1893 and is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois

About Wellfleet Partners, Inc.

Wellfleet Partners, Inc., a sixteen year old boutique financial services, advisory and consulting firm, was founded by Mark I. Lev, esq. in 1998.  The company engages in a wide variety of consulting, and advisory work such as management consulting, strategic partnership due diligence and corporate advisory activities for a broad range of clients. These include public and private, emerging small to medium-sized, domestic and internationally-based, growth companies.  In addition, Wellfleet looks to make principal investments through its affiliate, Aracle Capital. It has strategic domestic and international partnerships in Florida and California, Dublin, London, Perth, Tel Aviv, Beijing and Tokyo. For more information, please go to A new 2014 electronic brochure, prior quarterly newsletters and/or recent press releases are available upon request.

About Aracle Management, LLC

Aracle Management, LLC is a private investment company formed in 2013 that seeks to maximize total returns by incorporating event driven capital and opportunistic approaches coupled with synergistic management assistance. Investments are made in national and internationally based publically-traded companies with market capitalization of less than $100M. All investments are currently made via Special Purpose Funds. The Company is owned by professionals in New York City, New York, and Dublin, Ireland.


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