Harry Newton

Harry Newton is an entrepreneur who sold his company in 1997 for north of $100 million. Then he became an investor, advisor, consultant and occasionally chairman of companies he invested in. His expertise tends to be overall business strategy, marketing and technology. His companies tend to be in technology, but he has invested in commercial real estate.

In his full-time, “start-and-grow his own business” life, he founded and grew seven monthly magazines — Call Center, Computer Telephony, Imaging, LAN (later changed to Network Magazine), Teleconnect, Telecom Gear and Technology Investor. He also founded and grew the immensely successful conventions/ trade shows Call Center Demo and Computer Telephony Conference and Exposition, which, in its last year under his control, attracted 26,000 people. He published over 40 books on networking, imaging, telecommunications and computer telephony. In September, 1997, Newton and his partner sold their publishing company to Miller Freeman (soon CMP and now part of United Business Media).

During the 42 years, Newton was the most popular public speaker in the telecommunications industry. Newton also consulted to many telecommunications companies, including many that were later sold (to companies including Intel) or successfully went IPO.
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Newton also writes the successful Newton’s Telecom Dictionary, which is now in its 28th edition and available from Amazon. It is also available for the iPad and iPhone from Apple’s App store.

For his amusement and learning, he writes a daily blog called www.InSearchOfThePerfectInvestment.com. Clever website free to all visitors. WP does not endorse any outside websites or the contents therein.

Newton has an Economics undergraduate degree from Sydney University, Australia and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He lives in Manhattan, New York City, happily married to the same woman for 39 years. He has two kids, both happily married, and two granddaughters.