Kevin Keqing Liu

Kevin is Partner, ACL Equity, a financial services company, China. He spent most of his 35-years career at Agricultural Bank of China (world’s 4th largest bank) as a project manager in a portfolio co-funded by the World Bank; China Merchants Bank (world’s 20th largest) as senior manager and senior economist to lead a project finance team to manage a portfolio exceeding $1 billion and as a member of the bank’s Mid-Term Development Strategies Working Group to represent the bank at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meetings in the U.S.; Shenzhen Commercial Bank (now Ping An Bank, world’s 57th largest) as co-head to fund cross-border transactions and collaborate with more than 600 prime financial institutions worldwide; and CITIC Capital, China’s global alternative investment management company managing over $22 billion in capital, as consultant.

He publishes extensively in Chinese and English languages in Mainland China, Hongkong, and Germany. He was hailed as the “father of China’s deposit insurance system” as he made policy recommendations, by publishing two articles in Chinese and English newspapers in China in 2013, to create a national deposit insurance mechanism similar to the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. as China’s financial reform deepened and in 2015 the People’s Bank of China, the central bank, added the deposit insurance function to its Financial Stability Bureau.

He holds a Bachelor of Economics in Statistics from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China.