Industry Experience

WP’s principals, members of WP’s advisory board and entities with which it has affiliations, have experience as investment bankers in various industries including: solar and renewable energy and cleantech, health care, bio-tech and pharmaceuticals, engineering, electronics and semiconductor distribution, agriculture, wholesale food distribution, construction and electronic engineering, menswear and leather products, transportation, health and beauty aids processing and distribution, hardware and software manufacturing, distribution and consulting, retail, airlines, movie and television syndication, security systems, high-tech medical devises, medical technologies, stem cell research, broadband, media, real estate, medical devices, water reclamation, natural gas and oil exploration, as well as numerous others. Collectively, WP, its management and network of professionals entities, offer a diverse base of experience and knowledge, allowing them to address the multitude of complex financial and market issues that confront their clientele. WP regularly calls upon its network of select  professionals with educational and experiential backgrounds in law, finance, business, medical and audit/accounting,  to focus on and address the broad financial, legal, marketplace and political issues affecting a company of potential translation, as well as the specific elements that are essential to its implementation and consummation.  WP operates both nationally and abroad, primarily in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  Since April of 1998, WP has either rendered advisory and consulting services or closed financings (through its brokerage affiliates) in many US and foreign jurisdictions, with over 20 financings for companies principally based in China.